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Make The Sound

Extension for Visual Studio

Make The Sound is an extension for Visual Studio that adds sounds to your IDE.
Currently extension adds audio warnings for this events:

  • save (floppy disk sound effect)
  • save all (floppy disk sound effect, longer)
  • build failed (cartoon record scratch sound effect)
  • build succeeded (checkpoint sound effect from vintage games)
  • breakpoint hits while debugging (arrow hits target, cartoon sound effect)
  • building (oldschool disk read, low sound volume)
  • exception (failed sound effect from cartoon)
  • default sound effects could be changed by selecting wav file from your disk storage

All sound effects can be enabled/disabled in options window:

You can also change any of the sound effects by selecting WAV file from your disk storage:

Links to Visual Studio Marketplace:

Feel free to add your feedback here: Issues



  • added support for customizing sound effects in new option window (wav files) #5


  • added Visual Studio 2022 support #6


  • fix breakpoint sound #2


  • new sounds effects:
    • breakpoint hits while debugging
    • build succeeded
    • building
    • exception
  • configuration window
  • reduced size of the audio files


  • init commit
  • 3 sound events: save, save all and build fails