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🏗️ Maintainers needed, please reach out on discord or email!

The missing formatter and linter for HTML templates.

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🤔 For What?

Once upon a time all the other programming languages had a formatter and linter. Css, javascript, python, the c suite, typescript, ruby, php, go, swift, and you know the others. The cool kids on the block.

HTML templates were left out there on their own, in the cold, unformatted and unlinted :( The dirty corner in your repository. Something had to change.

djLint is a community build project to and add consistency to html templates.

✨ How?

Grab it with pip

pip install djlint

Or with the npm experimental install - Note, this requires python and pip to be on your system path.

npm i djlint

Lint your project

djlint . --extension=html.j2 --lint

Check your format

djlint . --extension=html.j2 --check

Fix my format!

djlint . --extension=html.j2 --reformat

💙 Like it?

Add a badge to your projects

[![Code style: djlint](](

Add a badge to your readme.rst:

.. image::

Looks like this:


🛠️ Can I help?


Would you like to add a rule to the linter? Take a look at the linter docs and source code

Are you a regex pro? Benchmark and submit a pr with improved regex for the linter rules

⚠️ Help Needed! ⚠️ Good with python? djLint was an experimental project and is catching on with other devs. Help out with a rewrite of the formatter to improve speed and html style for edge cases. Contribute on the 2.0 branch

🏃 Other Tools Of Note

  • DjHTML A pure-Python Django/Jinja template indenter without dependencies.
  • HTMLHint Static code analysis tool you need for your HTML
  • curlylint Experimental HTML templates linting for Jinja, Nunjucks, Django templates, Twig, Liquid