Shapez-Theme is a cheerfully designed blog theme using gohugo
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Shapez Theme for Hugo

Designed with passion and love. Shapez is a modern hugo theme using a lot of SVG graphics. SVG is super cool, but be aware - it can also be very nasty and exhausting.

Note: Demo might be buggy because of absolute/relative links.



What it's meant to be

Initially I designed this theme for my own blog, but I decided to make it an open source project, because I thought other people might like it, too. If you want to use it feel free to do so, but be prepared to learn some SVG if you want to adapt the theme to your wishes.

Getting started

  • copy the file sample-config.toml to your project folder
  • replace the file with your config file
  • adapt the config according to your wishes
  • you are good to go


  • responsive use of inline SVG
  • Timeline on the homepage
  • Single pages to write your content
  • spread some unstructured content on the playground
  • show reading time of articles
  • modern and nice to read design
  • responsive side or top bar, depending on apsect ratio
  • a comment section would be nice to have
  • responsive webdesign for most common screens (and smartphones)

Attention! This theme isn't build with full Internet Explorer Support - feel free to create a merge request to add support.

Special Thanks

Special thanks goes to Freepik, Daniel Bruce and Plainicon from for their great icons! Furthermore I would like to thank CrimsonRay, the creator of the slender-Theme. He inspired me to make my own theme and I reused some of his code. Last but not least, I would like to thank the creator and all the contributors at Hugo for their great work!