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MultiMarkdown module for ruby, by porting rpeg-markdown to use peg-multimarkdown

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Ruby PEG MultiMarkdown

An extension library around Fletcher Penney's implementation of MultiMarkdown in C. This library is based (almost entirely) on rpeg-markdown, which is a ruby extension library around John MacFarlane's C implementation of Markdown.


>> require 'multimarkdown'

>> puts'Hello, world.').to_html
# <p>Hello, world.</p>

>> puts'_Hello World!_', :smart, :filter_html).to_html
# <p><em>Hello World!</em></p>

>> puts'_Hello World!_').to_latex
# \emph{Hello World!}

>> puts"Title: Some document\n\nSome text in the document").extract_metadata("title")
# Some document

>>'Hello! World!')

Installation / Hacking

This library requires a recent version of glib2. All modern GNU userland systems should be fine.

Install from GEM:

$ sudo gem install rpeg-multimarkdown


$ git clone git://
$ cd rpeg-multimarkdown
$ rake test



The peg-markdown, peg-multimarkdown, and Ruby PEG Markdown extension sources are licensed under the GPL and the Ruby PEG MultiMarkdown extension sources adopts this license. See the file LICENSE included with this distribution for more information.

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