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My development setup
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bin Update replace Aug 13, 2016
bundle Default bundler to use 4 workers concurrently Aug 13, 2016
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asdfrc New dotfiles Dec 23, 2017
ctags Pushing before updating to a new laptop Aug 4, 2018
eslintrc add default config for eslint Aug 17, 2015
gemrc Update .gemrc Mar 20, 2017
gitconfig WIP Jan 6, 2020
gitignore Globally ignore .mix_tasks from mix completions Feb 9, 2020
gitmessage Remove trailing whitespace in gitmessage Apr 18, 2014
gvimrc Update dot files... Nov 21, 2018
hushlogin Turn off banner at login Jun 24, 2013
ignore Update global git ignore Sep 1, 2018
prettierrc Add global prettier config May 18, 2018
pryrc Add pry clipboard support May 18, 2018
psqlrc The Return of PissPig 🐷 Nov 21, 2019
rcrc Updating readme to use thoughtbot/formulae Oct 22, 2014
rspec Remove RSpec -- profile option Apr 9, 2014
setup.rb Abstract ASDF sourcing in setup Feb 14, 2020
stylelintrc Pushing before updating to a new laptop Aug 4, 2018
tmux.conf WIP Jan 6, 2020
vimrc Add sideways.vim Feb 14, 2020
vimrc.bundles Add sideways.vim Feb 14, 2020
zinitrc Add alias-tips to zinit Feb 17, 2020
zshrc Set cargo path Feb 14, 2020

Dorian's Dotfiles

Originally based on the ThoughtBot base configuration but HEAVILY customized to my needs and ergonomics.

Feel free to "steal" anything you want, and if you have a question please open an issue.



git clone

Make sure you have setup ruby, python2 and python3 (ideally with asdf) and run:

ruby setup.rb


Q: Why are things named without a dot at the beginning? A: It makes it easier to include files in this repo if they are not named exactly how they would be when symlinked over (I symlink the files here to my home directory). e.g. if I want to include the global .gitignore in this repo it will override this repo's .gitignore.

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