Common Issues and Their Fixes

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There are a few common issues we've seen that are hard to track down/debug. Here are the solutions to those problems. Before trying any of these, please make sure you have Updated to the Latest Version of Gulp Sass.

Node Sass Version Not Up To Date

Problem: The current version of Node Sass installed doesn't match the latest released version on NPM.

Solution: Gulp Sass will install whatever the latest released version of Node Sass is at the time of install. If Gulp Sass is already installed, simply remove gulp-sass from the node_modules folder and re-install Gulp Sass.

Alternate versions of Node Sass that are not installed with Gulp Sass may be used by setting the compiler option of Gulp Sass to the require of node-sass that is wanted.

Gulp Watch Stops Working On An Error

Problem: When using Gulp Sass's new .on('error', sass.logError) error handling, especially when using it in conjunction with, if an error occurs, any attempt to recompile Sass will not work.

Solution: This was fixed in version 2.0.2. Make sure you're running the latest version of Gulp Sass.

Related Issue: #293

Partials Sporadically Not Found

Problem: When compiling, unpredictably, seemingly without pattern, sometimes partials that are known to exist cannot be found by Sass, whereas other times everything compiles without issue.

Solution: Everyone who had reported this issue appears to be on a Windows machine using Sublime Text and had its atomic_save feature disabled. Everyone who added "atomic_save" : true to their user settings saw this error stop.

Related Issues: #235 #235 (comment)

Cannot Install Gulp Sass

Problem: When trying to install Gulp Sass, an error occurs and installation cannot be completed.

Solution: This is overwhelmingly a problem installing Node Sass. There are a large number of issues pertaining to installing Node Sass, please look through them to help resolve this for the specific platform being run.

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