@dmester dmester released this Apr 15, 2018 · 5 commits to master since this release

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  • Setting jdenticon_config.saturation directly is now deprecated. Use jdenticon_config.saturation.color instead.


  • New jdenticon_config style options: saturation.color, saturation.grayscale and hues.
  • New jdenticon_config option replaceMode which has the following values:
    • "once" - icons are replaced once upon page load. This is the default value and how Jdenticon has always behaved.
    • "never" - no icons are replaced automatically. Good for folks who have written their own components for triggering icon updates.
    • "observe" - icons are replaced upon page load, and the DOM is then monitored for new identicons. This mode is useful in applications where new icons are inserted dynamically into the page, e.g. by using React or Angular.
  • Source maps are now provided for jdenticon.min.js.

Bug fixes:

  • No icon was rendered when a falsy value was passed to jdenticon.update.
  • Smaller circles were rendered very badly to PNG in smaller sizes (changes in the dependency canvas-renderer).
  • Padding is now rounded instead of truncated to nearest integer to avoid floating point rounding errors.