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Common issues and reporting

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Most issues can be fixed by downloading a fresh installer, and updating your chroot:

  • Remove any existing installer from your Downloads folder.
  • Fetch a fresh installer:
  • Open a crosh shell (Ctrl-Alt-T, then type shell)
  • Figure out the name of your chroot(s). If you do not know, sudo edit-chroot -a (on recent enough crouton), or sudo ls /usr/local/chroots will provide you with a list of chroot names.
  • Run an update: sudo sh ~/Downloads/crouton -n chrootname -u, where chrootname is the name of your chroot, make sure there are no errors.
  • Reboot: shutdown completely and restart.
  • Try starting your chroot again.

If the problem still occurs:

  • Check existing issues if your problem has already been reported. If you are not 100% sure this is the same issue, open a new one, it's easier for the devs to mark an issue as duplicate than keeping track of 2 issues under the same thread.
  • Open a new issue. Be sure to include:
    • The exact command you run
    • At least the last 20 lines of output
    • Any error in the update process above
    • The output of sudo enter-chroot -n chrootname croutonversion, where chrootname is the name of your chroot (see above).
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