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Available models and backends

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Available models and configuration editors

These editors are available for the following applications:

Application Installation description
Lcdproc Editor and validator of /etc/LCDd.conf. Also used to upgrade configuration during package upgrade on Debian and Ubuntu. See usage and blogs
OpenSSH Editor and validator of /etc/ssh/sshd_config, ssh_config and ~/.ssh/config. See usage and blogs
Systemd Editor and validator of Systemd configuration files. See usage and blogs
Approx Editor and validator of /etc/approx/approx.conf
Debian package files Editor and validator of (most of) files in Debian source package directory. See usage
Debian Popularity Contest Editor and validator of /etc/popularity-contest.conf
Debian Multistrap Editor and validator of Multistrap configuration file.
Config::Model (dogfooding) This one is a special case: it provides a graphical editor to edit configuration model (not configuration data). See this example.
Fstab Editor and validator /etc/fstab. Experimental, lots of filesystems are missing.
Xorg Editor and validator of /etc/X11/xorg.conf. Experimental/stale. Lot of of items are still missing
Kerberos Kerberos model (contribured by Peter Knowles). This project is orphaned and looking for maintainer

Available user interfaces

UI description
Config::Model::TkUI Graphical interface based on Perl/Tk.
Config::Model::CursesUI Curses interface
Config::Model::TermUI Interactive command line interface
Config::Model::FuseUI Interface based on Fuse. Each configuration parameter gets its file, like Linux /proc virtual file system

Available framework modules

module name description Status
App::Cme Provides cme command released
config-model core framework that interprets configuration models released
config-model-cursesui Curses interface beta
config-model-tkui Perl/Tk graphical interface wih wizard beta

Available backends

Comment supported means that comments in configuration files are preserved and shown in the GUI as annotations. Otherwise, comments are discarded.

Backend Module Comment support
Perl data structure Built in Config::Model no
Ini file Provided by Config::Model::Backend::IniFile yes
Shell variables Provided by Config::Model::Backend::ShellVar yes
Dpkg control syntax Provided by Config::Model::Backend::Dpkg::Control yes
Dpkg copyright syntax Provided by Config::Model::Backend::Dpkg::Copyright yes
Fstab syntax Provided by Config::Model::Backend::Fstab yes
YAML Provided by Config::Model::Backend::Yaml no
JSON Provided by Config::Model::Backend::Json no
OpenSSH client config Provided by Config::Model::Backend::OpenSsh::Ssh yes
OpenSSH server config Provided by Config::Model::Backend::OpenSsh::Sshd yes
Approx Provided by Config::Model::Backend::Approx yes
Augeas Config::Model::Backend::Augeas no
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