Fibonacci Indentation for Vim.
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Vim plugin that increases the spacing for each successive indentation according to the Fibonacci sequence.


Great for mathematicians and for people who like to avoid deep indentations. Supports 15 indentation levels, which should be more than enough even if you have a really wide display (though it can be increased for the extra brave).


You can easily install this Plugin with Pathogen or Vundle.


Add this line to your .vimrc to disable this plugin:

let g:FiboIndentDisable=1

If for some reason you need more than 15 levels of indentation its depth can be set with:

let g:FiboMaxDepth=20

To disable Fibonacci formatting for a given filetype, use the following:

autocmd FileType SOME_FILETYPE let g:gFiboIndentDisable=1


The idea came from a Tweet made by @RichardWestenra.

How it works

This plugin wraps the original formatter defined for a filetype and modifies its indentation levels to match the Fibonacci sequence. It also sets tabstop=1 to use a single space for the basis of the indentation levels.