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Welcome to the Wiki for this repo!

The goal of this library is to create easy-to-use library for anyone who might need one. This is fully object oriented API wrapper for League of Legends' API. A small DataDragon API wrapper is also included.

Here are some handy features:

  • Rate limit caching and limit exceeding prevention - fully automatic.
  • Call caching - enables the library to re-use already fetched data within given timespan - saves time and key's rate limit.
  • StaticData endpoints - you can work with StaticData endpoints as if they were never deprecated.
  • StaticData linking - library can automatically link related StaticData right into the returned object.
  • Custom callbacks - you can set custom function which will be called before or after the request is processed.
  • Object extensions - you can implement your own methods to the fetched API objects and enable yourself to use them later to ease of your work.
  • CLI supported - usage of this library in console is extremely easy.
  • Interim mode support - you are going to be able to use the library the same way whether your key is in interim mode or not (meaning you won't need to change anything when you jump to production).
  • Objects everywhere - API calls return data in special objects, this allows modern IDEs to hint existing properties and methods.

I am grateful for any feedback - so if you can give me any, just do it! Also feel free to send any PRs if you find anything that is worth improving!

Please, read on :)


The easiest way to get this library is to use Composer. If you are not using it yet, start now!

While having Composer installed on your machine it takes only composer require "dolejska-daniel/riot-api:^3" in your project directory to get the library ready to roll!

IDE autocomplete in action

API method hint and documentation API object hint (LeagueEntry) API object hint (LeagueEntry.miniSeries)

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