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@github-actions github-actions released this 10 May 22:39

Merged PRs

This minor release includes a new entry in the dolt_status and dolt_diff system tables for database collation changes, making these tables backwards incompatible for some select statements. Changes to a dolt database collation will show up as table changes with the name __DATABASE__<db>. Additionally, tables starting with this prefix are not allowed.


  • 7823: handle database charset/collation changes
    This PR makes dolt aware of database collation changes.
    We treat database collation changes similarly to a collation change to a table.
    To properly show a dolt diff we need to add support for show create database as of ..., which would require changes to vitess and gms. For now, we just show the new create statement.
    Addtionally, we should add support to resolve database collation merge conflicts.
    Affected functions are:
    • dolt add
    • dolt commit
    • dolt status
    • dolt diff
    • dolt merge
      Addresses: #7815
  • 7819: use parser interface in engine
  • 7803: Avoid escaping HTML characters when displaying them to the user.
    This fixes an issue where if a JSON document in the storage layer contains escaped characters, those escape sequences could end up being displayed to the user via the dolt sql -r json command.
  • 7764: Bump from 0.17.0 to 0.23.0 in /go
    Bumps from 0.17.0 to 0.23.0.


  • 2492: skip source values analyze when it only contains simple types
  • 2491: ValidateInsertColumns avoids allocating hash map
  • 2490: Avoid escaping HTML when Marshalling JSON
    Due to a misconfiguration, HTML characters were being escaped when marshaling JSON. This is unnecessary, and since we now potentially display marshalled JSON to the user, we shouldn't be doing this.
  • 2488: System Variables: Add log_bin and change the default of performance_schema
    The log_bin system variable controls whether a MySQL server logs to the binary log or not.
    The performance_schema system variable was previously defaulted to 1, to match MySQL's default, but this can cause tools (e.g. Datadog) to believe that the performance_schema system tables are available, and then error out when trying to query them. Since we don't provide a performance_schema database, the new default for the performance_schema system variable is 0.
  • 2487: Expand literals in comparisons when safe
  • 2486: add parser interface in engine
    This PR creates sql.Parser interface. This interface is defined in the engine and it should be used rather than using mysql parser directly.
    Added GlobalParser variable to expose Doltgres parser for parsing view definition for now. It can also be used in places that needs doltgres-specific syntax parsing.

Closed Issues

  • 7812: Entity Framework updating working set when there are no changes
  • 7815: dolt workflows for manipulating the collation of a DB needed
  • 6161: Optimizer statistics v1