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Dorna Robotics API
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Dorna is a 5-axis robotic arm (, with industrial grade quality, offered at an affordable price for use in industrial or research applications. Dorna has maximum payload of about 2.5lbs (1.1KG), accuracy of 0.001in (0.02mm) and reach of about 20in (500mm). Dorna uses g2core firmware for its motor control and motion planning. On this Github repo you will find the API of Dorna that can be used to control the robot in Python and is used to send commands to its firmware.


For the full documentation visit the dorna Wiki page.

Quick start


The latest version of the API is available on GitHub.

Check the latest release page for download. Download the compressed source code file ( for example Source or Source code.tar.gz).
After download, decompress the file, go to the directory, and run:

python install

API initialization

Import the module and create a Dorna object for interacting with the API:

from dorna import Dorna
robot = Dorna()
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