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GraphQL Yoga

Fully-featured GraphQL Server with focus on easy setup, performance & great developer experience

Read the 2.0 announcement blog post Read the docs


npm i @graphql-yoga/node graphql

Basic Usage

This is a very simple example of how to use it:

const { createServer } = require('@graphql-yoga/node')

// Provide your schema
const server = createServer({
  schema: {
    typeDefs: `
      type Query {
        ping: String
    resolvers: {
      Query: {
        ping: () => 'pong',

// Start the server and explore http://localhost:4000/graphql


  • Easiest way to run a GraphQL server: Sensible defaults & includes everything you need with minimal setup (we also export a platform/env-agnostic handler so you can build your own wrappers easily).
  • Includes Subscriptions: Built-in support for GraphQL subscriptions using Server-Sent Events.
  • Compatible: Works with all GraphQL clients (Apollo, Relay, Urql...) and fits seamless in your GraphQL workflow.
  • WHATWG Fetch API: the core package depends on WHATWG Fetch API so it can run and deploy on any environment (Serverless, Workers, Deno, Node).
  • Easily Extendable: New GraphQL-Yoga support all envelop plugins.


  • GraphQL over HTTP spec compliant
  • TypeScript
  • File upload with GraphQL Multipart Request spec
  • Realtime capabilities
  • Accepts application/json, application/graphql+json, application/x-www-form-urlencoded, application/graphql and multipart/formdata content-types
  • Supports ESM
  • Runs everywhere: Can be deployed via now, up, AWS Lambda, Heroku etc.


If this is your first time contributing to this project, please do read our Contributor Workflow Guide before you get started off.

Feel free to open issues and pull requests. We're always welcome support from the community.

Code of Conduct

Help us keep Yoga open and inclusive. Please read and follow our of Conduct as adopted from Contributor Covenant


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