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Stage 1: Proposal

This spec is in the proposal stage of active development, and can change before reaching Draft stage. For more information, please see the Roadmap or how to get involved.

You can find our community in the graphql-over-http channel on the GraphQL Foundation Discord.

GraphQL over HTTP


HTTP is the most common choice as the client-server protocol when using GraphQL because of its ubiquity. However the GraphQL specification deliberately does not specify the transport layer.

The closest thing to an official specification is the article Serving over HTTP. Leading implementations on both client and server have mostly upheld those best practices and thus established a de-facto standard that is commonly used throughout the ecosystem.

This specification is intended to fill this gap by specifying how GraphQL should be served over HTTP. The main intention of this specification is to provide interoperability between different client libraries, tools and server implementations.

Spec Location

The GraphQL over HTTP specification is edited in the spec-md markdown file.

In the future, we plan that you would be able to view the generated form of the specification as well.

Contributing to this repo

This repository is managed by EasyCLA. Project participants must sign the free (GraphQL Specification Membership agreement before making a contribution. You only need to do this one time, and it can be signed by individual contributors or their employers.

To initiate the signature process please open a PR against this repo. The EasyCLA bot will block the merge if we still need a membership agreement from you.

You can find detailed information here. If you have issues, please email

If your company benefits from GraphQL and you would like to provide essential financial support for the systems and people that power our community, please also consider membership in the GraphQL Foundation.

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