New contributor Docs

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Motivation, Goals, Rules

We want to create better new-contributor docs, to encourage new contributors in CoreFX repo and to make it easier for existing contributors to find the right information.

To iterate really fast, CoreFX Wiki is now writable for everyone. It allows fast collaboration without blocking on PR code reviews, etc. Feel free to improve the docs with your notes, gotchas, ideas, etc. For even easier collaboration: Gitter

When the docs are finalized, we will move them back to CoreFX repo under PR model.

Feel free to create sub-pages as necessary, please try to link/make them reachable from this 'main' page, so that we can eventually just "copy-paste" the content into CoreFX, without larger restructuring/redesign of the navigation layout. It is fine to leave TODOs and intermittent notes/ideas in all pages for now - just follow the structure you see.

Below is a skeleton to start filling out content.


Main page section content

This text will replace Issue Guide and Contributing Guide sections on main page:

Issue Guide

Note: Targeted at people just filing bugs - what to expect - e.g. API process, where to file, how to file, etc.

Old docs

TODO: See ideas in Issues

Contributing Guide



Raw Notes and TODOs

Random useful stuff

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