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Artwork used to create .NET Foundation swag (T-Shirts, Mugs etc)
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.NET Foundation Swag

The .NET team has historically created swag for the team. t-shirts, mugs, port glasses, bottle openers, stickers etc. It's a great way to show our pride in working on the team, being involved in the community or commemorating a major release.

Now that the team just got a lot bigger with >2k folks contributing to the open source projects in the .NET Foundation it made sense to open up the artwork for swag. We also set up a self-service store to allow folks to purchase items of swag for themselves to show their love of .NET:

Order T-shirts and stickers on our store!


The following assets are currently available:

Artwork Additional Info
.NET Foundation Logo
This is the logo for the .NET Foundation.
.NET Source T-Shirt
.NET Foundation Logo
The .NET Source graphic, first seen on the T-Shirts distributed at the Build 2015 conference in San Francisco.
The classic Cup<T>.
The avatar for @dotnet-bot.
Kudu icon for supporters of the Kudu project.
Azure SDK
Azure Toolset graphic for the Azure SDK for .NET
Open Live Writer
Open Live Writer.
Roslyn logo designed by kuhlenh for supporters of the Roslyn project. Can be used for stickers or to print on t-shirts, sunglasses, hats, mugs, etc.
Prism Library
Prism Library for supporters of the Prism Library project
Polly logo for supporters of the Polly library
Reactive Extensions
Reactive Extensions icon for supporters of the Rx.NET project.
Reactive UI
ReactiveUI logo for supporters of the ReactiveUI project.
Xamarin logo for supporters of the Xamarin platform for iOS, Android, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS development with .NET.
WiX Toolset
WiX Toolset logo for supporters of the WiX Toolset


Anyone is welcome to contribute new artwork to be used for .NET Foundation swag under the license (CC0). By contributing to the swag repo you are also giving your permission to use the artwork on swag items and be made available in the swag store royalty free. Also remember that you must respect the copyright and trademarks of others in your submissions.


Artwork in the swag repo is licensed under the very permissive CC0 1.0 Universal license. You are positively encouraged to use the artwork to create your own swag items to give away at community events etc. Be sure to tweet pictures to @dotnetfdn showing your swag being worn with pride!

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