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All the things you expect from a robust testing framework by neatly packaging: WebDriverJS, mocha, and should with a little glue and zero magic:

var fiveby = require('fiveby');

fiveby(function (browser) {
  return describe('Google Search in ' +, function () {
      it('should work', function () {
        var searchBox = browser.findElement('q'));
        return searchBox.getAttribute('value').then(function (value) {

####Run it (quick)

mocha tests/** --delay --timeout 30000

####OR (recommended) Add gulp and some convention to make it even more powerful: slush-fiveby. slush-fiveby is a simple fiveby project generator/example.

###What's unique about fiveby?

###Configuration - fiveby-config.json

  "implicitWait": 5000,
  "hubUrl": null,
  "browsers": {
    "firefox": true,
    "chrome": {
      "version": "37.0.2062.103",
      "chromeOptions": {
          "args": ["--disable-extensions"]
    "phantomjs": true
  "disableBrowsers": false

disableBrowsers and hubUrl are optional, disableBrowsers defaults to false

*Use phantomjs 2.0:


#####Have little to no experience with end to end testing?

Ok, this tool will allow you to write a bit of javascript that will open any browser (or mobile app), emulate user behavior via a few simple commands, and then verify what's displayed onscreen is correct. You can compile large suites of these tests and easily run them against many different browsers at once and get nice reports. It can be run with something like jenkins to automate further. Or use any of the popular SaaS providers like:

Sauce Labs BrowserStack


See docs folder for even more details!