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PROTOCOL_HANDLER_JS_CHECK - Review the use of custom protocol handlers

Electron allows to define custom protocol handlers so that the application can use deep linking to exercise specific features. Since external protocol handlers can be triggered by arbitrary origins, it is important to evaluate how they are implemented and whether user-supplied parameters can lead to security vulnerabilities (e.g. injection flaws).


The use of custom protocol handlers opens the application to vulnerabilities triggered by users clicking on custom links or arbitrary origins forcing the navigation to crafted links.


To register a custom protocol handler, it is necessary to use one of the following functions:

  • setAsDefaultProtocolClient
  • registerStandardSchemes
  • registerServiceWorkerSchemes
  • registerFileProtocol
  • registerHttpProtocol
  • registerStringProtocol
  • registerBufferProtocol
  • registerStreamProtocol

Our check searches for those occurrences. Users are required to manually review the implementation of each of them.


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