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Sausage radar. Simple doppler radar that fits into a sausage can. Named after "Wurstblinker" from the german movie Werner, as it also is meant to be mounted on a motorcycle as an alternative to the speedometer.




Required hardware


RSM2650 Radar movement alarm unit (this probably is an Innosent IPS-265)


1bitsy STM32F415 on a tiny breakout board


Used Simpson Voltmeter 5V as analog dial.


Generic powerbrick to 5V

  • e.g. TI TPSM84205

A JTAG debugger.

  • e.g. Black Magic Probe

Required software

Only arm-none-eabi-gcc.

Further plans and ideas

  • FMCW / Range Doppler (minor hardware change, complex firmware changes)

    The current antenna module (RSM2650) can be replaced with a module that supports a tuning voltage. Then, FMCW and Range-Doppler could be done. The tuning voltage could be supplied with the STM32 DAC, which already has some support code in the git history.

  • Improved signal quality and range (complex hardware changes)

    The analog frontend currently is a simple opamp amplifier with decoupling and biasing. Options are to increase the amplification, pick better opamps or dedicated LNAs. Automatic gain might me an option with that.

  • USB waveform output (simple firmware changes)

    Output both I and Q as a data stream via USB, so a connected computer can use them.


Clone first: git clone --recursive

Then build libopencm3: cd wurstradar/libopencm3 && make

Then build the firmware: cd ../src && make - you can set the measurement angle and its proper doppler frequency via commandline: make DOPPLER_HZ_PER_POINT1_KPH=314 MEASUREMENT_DEGREE=45

Flash it to the 1bitsy. E.g. with a Black Magic Probe.


  • David Owczarek - david dot owczarek at googlemail dot com - hardware

  • David R. Piegdon - @dpiegdon - concept, firmware, hardware and assembly

  • Florian Schwanse - florian at schwanse dot de - 3d printed parts and case

  • Frank Terbeck - @ft - concept and hardware

  • Iqbal Maraqa - iqbal underscore maraqa at hotmail dot com - analog dial face

  • Manoel Brunnen - @mbrunnen - firmware

  • Martin Gritzan - @mgritz - firmware

  • Sebastian Moenninghoff - spsm at mailbox dot org - 3d printed parts


joint effort to create a sausage doppler radar (referring to `Wurstblinker` from the german movie `Werner`)






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