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Welcome to the Dradis Framework

CI Code quality Black Hat Arsenal

Dradis is an open-source collaboration framework, tailored to InfoSec teams.

To try Dradis Community, you can deploy your own instance (you will need accounts in the cloud providers to get started).

Our goals

  • Share the information effectively.
  • Easy to use, easy to be adopted. Otherwise it would present little benefit over other systems.
  • Flexible: with a powerful and simple extensions interface.
  • Small and portable. You should be able to use it while on site (no outside connectivity). It should be OS independent (no two testers use the same OS).

Some of the features:


There are two editions of Dradis Framework:

  • Dradis Framework Community Edition (CE): open-source and available freely under the GPLv2 license.
  • Dradis Framework Professional Edition (Pro): includes extra features that are more useful for organizations dealing with bigger teams and multiple projects at a time. To use Pro and get official support please become a subscriber.

Getting started: Community Edition

From Git (recommended)

Installing Dradis from Git

Using Vagrant

If you'd like to use dradis in Vagrant, you can use the included Vagrantfile.

# Clone the repo
git clone
cd dradis-ce/

# install/start the vagrant box
vagrant up
# ssh into the box
vagrant ssh

# install ruby in the vagrant box
cd /dradis/dradis-ce
rvm install "$(cat .ruby-version)"

# Then you can proceed with standard setup from within Vagrant
ruby bin/setup
# You'll need to tell the server to bind to for port forwarding:
bundle exec rails server -b

Getting help


Please see for details.

Many thanks to all Dradis Framework contributors. Dradis has been around since 2007, and in 2016 we had to do some nasty Git gymnastics resulting in a lot of the previous SVN + Git history no longer being available in the current repo. We haven't deleted it though, and we're still very much grateful for the work of our former contributors.

Branching model

We're following Vincent Driessen's A successful Git branching model to try to keep things organized.

In this repo we will have: master, develop, release- and hotfix- branches.

If you need to work on a feature branch, fork the repo and work on your own copy. We can check it from there. Eventually you'll merge to your develop and back to origin's develop.

Community Projects

Have you built a Dradis connector, add-on, or extension? Contact us so that we can feature it here.


Dradis Framework Community Edition is released under GNU General Public License version 2.0

Dradis Framework Professional Edition is released under a commercial license.

We're hiring

If you love open source, Ruby on Rails and would like to have a lot of freedom and autonomy in your work, maybe you should consider joining our team to make Dradis even better.