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Welcome to the Drawpile wiki!

See the Roadmap for the future direction of Drawpile and the Google+ page for news.

If you are having problems with a drawing tablet, check out the tablet test utility.

For help on how to use the application, visit Drawpile's homepage

Technical guides

Building from sources - how to build Drawpile from sources
Translating - how to add new language translations to Drawpile

Protocol documentation

Protocol v4 - design document for the current protocol version (slightly outdated)
Login process - overview of the login process
Session encryption - design document for encrypted sessions
External authentication - the external authentication system (new feature in version 2.0.6) Abuse report delivery - how abuse reports are delivered (new feature in version 2.0.6)

Technical documentation

OpenRaster- state of OpenRaster support
How Drawpile works - an overview of how collaborative editing is implemented in Drawpile
Qt bugs - Qt bugs and feature requests relevant to Drawpile

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