Drools Expert is the rule engine and Drools Fusion does complex event processing (CEP).
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drools-beliefs [DROOLS-1255] remove some of the java.beans usage (#879) Aug 23, 2016
drools-compiler [RHBRMS-2641] avoid logging data coming from an invalid fact handle (#… Oct 18, 2016
drools-core JBPM-4646 - Case management - simplified use for case role assignments ( Oct 20, 2016
drools-decisiontables DROOLS-1279: [GSS] Compilation of spreadsheet fails with specific con… Sep 30, 2016
drools-distribution [DROOLS-1043] remove deprecated knowledge-api-legacy5-adapter module Jan 27, 2016
drools-examples-api Delete unnecessary @Ignore in drools-examples-api tests (#830) Jul 18, 2016
drools-examples-cdi Fix and unify logback*.xml configs (#772) May 4, 2016
drools-examples -pong fixes. Redraw is now simpler. (#964) Oct 14, 2016
drools-jsr94 Removed remaining old license headers. (#756) Apr 23, 2016
drools-persistence-jpa DROOLS-1322 JPAKnowledgeService session does not support mbeans (#955) Oct 11, 2016
drools-pmml [DROOLS-1175][DROOLS-1242] infer numeric type for sum expression in a… Aug 9, 2016
drools-reteoo [DROOLS-1329] fix expirations order for events that are already expir… ( Oct 17, 2016
drools-scorecards [DROOLS-1170] drools-pmml: use 'xjc' binary instead of jaxb2-maven-pl… Jun 21, 2016
drools-templates [DROOLS-1275] allow to specify the set of properties that have been m… Sep 5, 2016
drools-test-coverage [RHBRMS-263] fix test for kjar using dependencies with version declar… Aug 31, 2016
drools-verifier [DROOLS-1212] use try-with-resources to properly close streams (#817) Jun 25, 2016
drools-workbench-models [DROOLS-1308] make drl marshaller to wrap from patterns in parenthesis ( Sep 28, 2016
kie-ci-osgi [RHBRMS-2509] register KieScanner on KieRepo when kie-ci-osgi bundle … Jul 19, 2016
kie-ci More Unit Tests involving Incremental Compilation and Functions (#923) Sep 21, 2016
kie-test-util Fixes after IP BOM 7.0.0.CR4 upgrade (#813) Jun 21, 2016
.gitignore [DROOLS-972] implement CDI scopes Apr 5, 2016
LICENSE-ASL-2.0.txt JBRULES-2869: Split-off requires license file per repo Feb 18, 2011
README.md JBRULES-2909 typo Feb 26, 2011
pom.xml kie-parent now brings all 3rd party deps (#793) May 24, 2016


Developing Drools and jBPM

If you want to build or contribute to a droolsjbpm project, read this document.

It will save you and us a lot of time by setting up your development environment correctly. It solves all known pitfalls that can disrupt your development. It also describes all guidelines, tips and tricks. If you want your pull requests (or patches) to be merged into master, please respect those guidelines.