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=== Exxp === Contributors: howofr,fredrikaa Tags: hive,Wordpress,monetization,blockchain Donate link: Requires at least: 4.7 Tested up to: 6.2 License: GPLv2 or later License URI:

Stores your WordPress blogs on the hive blockchain where posts are rewarded with cryptocurrency as new audiences interacts with your content

== Description ==

Exxp connects your blog to the hive blockchain.

It automatically backs up your posts to the hive blockchain improving your seo via backlinks and allowing you to earn tokens. You can also benefit from a comment section powered by hive, which allows you to improve engagement as your blog will be exposed on multiple other sites where readers can read and interact with your post.

Find out more on our discord server and on our website:

Features :

• Automatic posting of articles to the Hive blockchain
• Conversion and cleaning of text to look good on different websites
• Automatic self-vote
• Add an original link to your blog
• Custom tags for each article
• Default tags if no tags are defined for an article.
• Optional posting
• Bulk posting
• Post scheduling
• Multiple hive account support
• Add (or not) the featured image on top of the hive post
• Category filtering
• Custom footer on hive