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An embeddable flow-oriented language.

Install it from the Racket Package Index. Read the documentation to learn more. See the Wiki for community resources, events, and developer documentation.

In case the main documentation is unavailable, read the backup docs.

The competitive benchmarks report shows a rigorous analysis of Qi performance, and the performance trends report provides some visibility into performance changes over time. To learn more about these benchmarks, see the wiki on Performance Benchmarking.

Come hang out with us on Discord.

Supporting this Project

Please make any financial contributions in one of the following ways:

  • by Venmo to @Sid-K
  • by Paypal to skasivaj at gmail dot com

Please mention "Qi" in your message.

This project follows Attribution-Based Economics as described in drym-org/foundation. Any financial contributions will be distributed to contributors and antecedents as agreed-upon in a collective process that anyone may participate in. To see the current distributions, take a look at abe/attributions.txt. To see payments made into and out of the project, see the abe folder. If your payment is not reflected there within 3 days, or if you would prefer to, you are welcome to submit an issue or pull request to report the payment yourself -- all payments into and out of the repository are to be publicly reported (but may be anonymized if desired).

Additionally, if your voluntary payments exceed the agreed-upon "market price" of the project (see price.txt), that additional amount will be treated as an investment, entitling you to a share in future revenues, including payments made to the project in the future or attributive revenue from other projects.

This project will distribute payments according to the ABE guidelines specified in the constitution. In particular, it may take up to 90 days to distribute the initial payments if DIA has not already been conducted for this project. After that, payments will be distributed to contributors (including investors) at each meeting of the DIA congress (e.g. approximately quarterly).


This work is not owned by anyone. Please see the Declaration of Non-Ownership.