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Markdown Mindmap package

Type mind in the Atom command palette to open a mindmap view of the current markdown file. The full command name is Markdown Mindmap: Toggle.

By default there is no keyboard shortcut to avoid conflicts. If you want to use one open menu Edit -> Keymap... and add this to the file:

  'ctrl-alt-m': 'markdown-mindmap:toggle'

Mindmap screenshot

You can switch between different themes in package settings. Dark themes variants are also available.

Different theme

This extension is built using the markmap component.

Suggestions for new featues are welcome, feel free to open an issue.



  • Fix node width for non-lation characters (using canvas to measure text width)
  • Add support for markdown numbered lists


  • Fixes Block size for capital letters #29


  • Make node width dynamic based on content
  • Truncate long labels (can be switched off in settings)
  • Parse markdown lists and display them as nodes (can be switched off in settings)
  • Fix: navigation bug after collapsing and re-expanding nodes