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sakia 0.12.0

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@Insoleet Insoleet released this 19 Feb 11:34

Sakia 0.12.0

Sakia 0.12 will be the last release compatible with UCP 0.1. From now, we will focus on upcoming UCP 0.2 which will come with many improvements.

This release is a huge step to have a nice quality software. Here are all the features which were developed for this release :

  • New forget mode available in the parameters to see the value of a transaction in UD at the time of the transaction
  • Various improvements in the UI, with icons and colors
  • New "search user" field in Certification and Transaction dialogs
  • Enhanced the network core with realtime viewing of the nodes, general improvements in stability
  • Add a possibility in expert mode to copy raw documents to the clipboard to analyze the protocol and its documents
  • Better releases : we are now using pyinstaller instead of cx_Freeze. Releases should work out of the box, without any supplementary package necessary
  • New "Explorer" view, to view the wot, with a defined number of steps, from a user point of view


I hope you will enjoy this release !