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Libre software ecosystem to power Ğ1 Libre Currency according to the Relative Theory of the Currency


  1. duniter-v2s Public

    Duniter v2 based on Substrate framework. Contributions only on our gitlab:

    Rust 10

  2. duniter Public

    Crypto-currency software to manage libre currency such as Ğ1. Mirror of:

    TypeScript 257 80

  3. cesium Public

    Webapp and Smartphone client for Duniter network

    JavaScript 85 69

  4. silkaj Public

    Powerfull, and lightweight command line client written with Python for Duniter’s currencies: Ğ1 and Ğ1-Test. Not maintained mirror of:

    Python 14 12

  5. WotWizard Public

    Go 5

  6. Python APIs library to implement duniter clients softwares. Mirror of:

    Python 13 7