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Emacs mode for Dylan
Emacs Lisp Shell
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dylan-mode is a major mode for editing Dylan code in emacs.

If you've installed dylan-mode through a package manager, the mode should be activated for .dylan files. Otherwise, add the following to your .emacs file:

(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/dylan-mode")
(require 'dime)

This requires GNU Emacs 24.3 or later.


DIME/dswank is part of the release since opendylan-2011.1. It provides interactive development support in emacs. DIME is a fork of SLIME and stands for Dylan Interaction Mode for Emacs.

If you did not install dylan-mode through a package manager, add the following to your .emacs file:

(require 'dime)

To configure DIME/dswank add these lines to your .emacs file, changing YYYY.nn as appropriate for your installed release of Open Dylan:

(dime-setup '(dime-dylan dime-repl dime-compiler-notes-tree))
(setq dime-dylan-implementations
      '((opendylan ("/opt/opendylan-YYYY.nn/bin/dswank")
                   :env ("OPEN_DYLAN_USER_REGISTRIES=/opt/opendylan-YYYY.nn/sources/registry"))))

You will also want to add your own source registries to the OPEN_DYLAN_USER_REGISTRIES environment variable. Registry paths are separated by semicolons on Windows and colons elsewhere.


This file may be used to create an emacs TAGS file for Dylan code. See the comment in the file for usage.


This script uses the Gema macro processor to generate an emacs TAGS file.


This code is distributed under the GNU GPL.

It originates from different sources:

  • dylan-mode.el is from CMU
  • dylan-optimization-coloring.el from Harlequin
  • dylan-dime.el from Dylan Hackers
  • dime.el, dime-repl.el, dime-compiler-notes-tree.el from SLIME
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