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Wedding Weekend Guide

Paris Β· July 27-29, 2018


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Part 1: Schedule of Events



There are events all weekend, but you don't have to come to all (or any) of them. Except for the ceremony - you should come to that πŸ˜„

If you already have a jam-packed Paris itinerary, please don't feel the need to change anything!


Friday, July 27

8-11pm: Happy Hour on the banks of the river Seine

Happy Hour sur Seine

  • Friday 8-11pm
  • BYO snacks and drinks
  • Location: Pont Marie, north bank
  • Metro: Saint Paul Line 1
  • Directions: Descend from the bridge on the north side and head west along the water toward Pont Louis Phillipe.

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🍞 🍯 πŸ’

Sunday, July 29

Noon-3pm: Open House and Lite Brunch

Open House Brunch

  • Come see our apartment and enjoy the best pastries & fruit in the neighborhood.
  • Arrive between noon and 3pm, stay as long or short as you like.
  • Our address is 143 Boulevard Raspail.
  • Metro Vavin Line 4 or Notre-dame-des-Champs Line 6.
  • The building code will be emailed to you, call up when you arrive.
  • If you'd like a beverage with your brunch, please bring something!


After Brunch...

Around 3pm we'll move to one of the grassy sitting areas at the Jardin du Luxembourg. Find these "pelouse" in the southeast corner of the park.

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Part 2: Tips & Information

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Please double-check that your passport is not expired.


You can get by with English in Paris, but it won't hurt to brush up on a few common French phrases for basics like please and thank you.


The Paris Metro is a fast and cheap way to get around. Trains run every 2-5 minutesβ€”you don't need to plan trips in advance. Ticket machines work in English and are located at every stop.

Google Maps will give you metro directions for any itinerary if you click on the public transportation tab.


Many Paris cafΓ©s and restaurants have WiFi, but you can also get a prepaid SIM card and have data everywhere. Should you need anything while in France, here are our phone numbers:

  • Josh: **********
  • Estelle: **********

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