Rules for moving from SF SVN to GitHub Git
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svn2git rules

Rules files for moving from SourceForge Subversion to GitHub Git

These rules files are used in conjunction with the svn2git tool written in C++ by the KDE project.


git clone

rsync -av exist-svn-rsync

mkdir export

cd export

../svn2git/svn-all-fast-export --identity-map ../authors.txt --rules ../svn2git-rules/exist-svn.rules --add-metadata --add-metadata-notes --stats ../exist-svn-rsync/code

Now you need to create an empty repo on GitHub for each repository in exist-svn.rules and then repack and push each repo to GitHub. For example to push the converted eXist repo -

cd exist

git repack -a -d -f

git remote add origin

git push --all

git push --tags