A musical information Kiosk from 1984 to run on your Apple //c
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A musical information Kiosk powered by The Echo Nest from 1984 to run on your Apple //c. It will only show information about bands from 1984 or before.



  1. Get an Apple //c, a USB-serial adaptor, and an Apple //c serial cable, floppy with ATD Pro on it and two blank floppies from Retrofloppy

  2. Install Modem MGR using ATD Pro on the two blank floppies.

  3. Read this guide to set up Modem MGR for vt220, 1200 baud 8n1

  4. Turn on the //c with the Modem MGR program disk in. Hit Esc, then colon, then a V for VT220.

  5. On your mac or linux box, hook up the USB serial adaptor, install the drivers, open an 80x24 terminal window and run

    screen /dev/tty.usbserial 1200 (Note that your tty might be named something else depending on device, like /dev/tty.PL2303)

  6. Now hit control-A, then a colon, then type

    exec ::: /usr/libexec/getty std.1200

  7. The Apple //c should show your login for your computer. Type your password, etc from your //c.

  8. Run python kiosk.py for "interactive" mode and python kiosk.py auto for an auto slideshow mode of artists.

Remember to change _THE_YEAR_IS if you don't like 1984.