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Welcome to the Streamsheet® core project

The Streamsheet® core is an open-source tool for making your data immediately understandable and for creating IoT applications visually and interactively - without a single line of code.

If you are new to Streamsheets, you should start with the introduction guide or with the following video:


Also, visit us on our website or check out the Streamsheets forum.

Table of contents

🚀 Quick start

The easiest way to install Streamsheets is to use the official installer. After successfully running the installer navigate to the install directory and run the start script (depending on the target platform).

For Linux:

cd <PATH>

For macOS:

cd <PATH>

For Windows:

cd <PATH>

For Raspberry Pi:

cd <PATH>

📚 Documentation

You can find the Streamsheet documentation on the documentation website.

Check out the Getting Started page for a quick overview.

The documentation is divided into several sections:


Who maintains Streamsheets?

Streamsheets are maintained by the Cedalo AG.

Looking for a hosted version of Streamsheets?

If you are interested in a hosted version of Streamsheets on our infrastructure please contact us

Looking for support?

For questions and support please join our Forum, ask a question on Stack Overflow, or contact us on Twitter.

Where are the docs?

Check out our documentation website:

Want to contribute to Streamsheets?

Check out our to get started.

How is the repository structured?

The Streamsheets repository is organized as a mono repository that is composed of many npm packages.

⭐️ Show your support

Give a ⭐️ if this project helped you!

📃 License

Copyright (c) 2017-2021 Cedalo AG.

Streamsheets is licensed under the Eclipse Public License - v 2.0. Please see the LICENSE file for details.