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📊 An image generator with 20+ metrics about your GitHub account such as activity, community, repositories, coding habits, website performances, music played, starred topics, etc. that you can put on your profile or elsewhere!

  • Updated Jan 24, 2021
  • JavaScript
RudyChin commented Jun 25, 2020

Hi Jiahui,

Thanks for the great work. I'm trying to reproduce AutoSlim for CIFAR-10 (Table 2).
Could you please provide a detailed hyperparameter you used for it?

I'm able to train the baseline MobileNetV2 1.0x to 7.9 Top-1 error using the following hyperparameters:

  • 0.1 initial learning rate
  • linear learning rate decay
  • 128 batch size
  • 300 epochs of training
  • 5e-4 weight decay

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