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matheusfelipeog commented Aug 27, 2021

There are many inactive PRs that have already been revised and with their APIs according to our addition criteria. These PRs are just waiting for some correction that was requested by one of the maintainers, and as they are inactive PRs, they will likely not be done.

Inactive PRs must be closed and their APIs added if they still meet our criteria.

Maintainers can add the APIs of these PRs in

cyrus-and commented Jun 9, 2021

ANSI codes to hide (\x1b[?25l) and show (\x1b[?25h) the cursor are not retained during the serialization. I understand that this concerns more the current state of the terminal, but since the cursor position is preserved, I find it natural to also save the cursor visibility.

If this is a wontfix, is there at least a reliable way to detect the cursor visibility? Other than the undocumente

LukasGentele commented Jan 13, 2020

Is your feature request related to a problem?
"DevSpace should use the current docker behavior for dockerignore:
Dockerfile + .dockerignore
Dockerfile + Dockerfile.dockerignore
Dockerfile.frontend + Dockerfile.frontend.dockerignore

Which solution do you suggest?
Delegating the dockerignore file search to Docker if possible, otherwise copying the behavior as best as possible

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