Add property_tree to get json_parser.hpp? #29

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sorry, probably i'm just confused, but why is property_tree/json_parser.hpp not part of BH?
is it a non-header-only? or is there any other reason?

(i'm definitely confused as my local update of RcppShark compiles well, but build_win cannot find the above file. )


Look at this section of the builder script: the explicitly selected Boost libraries and their dependencies are copied.

Boost property_tree is not yet part of this set.

I could look into adding it.

@eddelbuettel eddelbuettel changed the title from json_parser.hpp? to Add property_tree to get json_parser.hpp? Jun 26, 2016

i realized that in Shark sources json_parser is only used for creating a json file containing the version/build informations. this is not important for Rcppshark, so i removed the dependency.

for me the problem is solved for now, if you want to, you can close the issue.
thanks again for bh and all the other work you do!


I am on the fence. It is probably small relative to the large size we already have, so I may keep this open.


Fixed in 1.62.0-1 which is now master and which should be in CRAN "within days".

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