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Gradle QuickStart Demo Application for FXLauncher

This example showcases how to configure FXLauncher in your Gradle based application to provide automatic updates optionally in combination with native installers.

Please see build.gradle for more information.

Note: Even though FXLauncher has a Gradle plugin, there is nothing Gradle specific about it, and these operations should be easy to perform in any build system. There is also a Maven version of this project.


The Gradle plugin supports the following tasks:

  • copyAppDependencies: Assembles the application into build/fxlauncher
  • generateApplicationManifest: Generates app.xml into build/fxlauncher
  • embedApplicationManifest: Copies app.xml into fxlauncher.jar
  • deployApp: Transfers application to deployTarget via scp
  • generateNativeInstaller: Generates native installer

Normally you would only perform deployApp to update your application, as all the previous tasks are dependencies on this one. To test your app locally in build/fxlauncher you only need to run the embedApplicationManifest task.


See build.gradle for configuration options.

Prebuilt installers

See for a prebuilt version of this application, including native installers for Windows, MacOSX and Linux.

Deploy to Amazon S3

The built in deployApp task will only deploy using scp. If you want to deploy to Amazon S3, you can include this task in your build. Make sure you run the embedApplicationManifest first.

task deployS3(type: Exec) {
    // You need to have installed AWS command line interface:
    commandLine 'aws', 'configure', 'set', 'aws_access_key_id', 'your_access_key_id'
    commandLine 'aws', 'configure', 'set', 'aws_secret_access_key', 'your_secret_access_key'
    commandLine 'aws', 's3', 'cp', 'build/fxlauncher', 's3://<your bucket>', '--acl', 'public-read', '--recursive', '--region', 'us-west-1'


FXLauncher demo for Gradle







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