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+Git Server Installer
+This is a collection of scripts that will help you install a private Git server on any Linux box that you have SSH root access to.
+Note: The script is split into two parts: the first you run as root, and the second you run as the 'git' user that the first script creates.
+The third script creates a new repository. For more info, see 'How to Run' below.
+What it Does
+1. (Optional) Updates apt and upgrades server software.
+2. Installs git-core and openssh-server.
+3. Creates 'git' user. (And prompts for a secure password needed to create repos.)
+*Script 2*
+4. Creates ~/.ssh directory. (Note: You can use `ssh-add` to add your keys to the file.)
+5. Creates a repository named `firstrepo`.
+6. You're done!
+How to Run
+1. Log in to your server.
+2. Do `cd` into the directory where you have the scripts.
+3. Run `sudo`.
+4. When prompted, type in a password for your new `git` user. Make this secure, but you will need it to add new repositories.
+5. Log in as the `git` user. Type the password thqt you just created.
+6. Do `cd` into the directory where you have the scripts.
+7. Run ``.
+8. Log out.
+9. Go to a different computer.
+10. Using `ssh-add` or another method, add your SSH key to the remote server.
+11. Run `mkdir firstrepo && cd firstrepo && git init && git remote add origin git@RemoteServerIpOrName:firstrepo`.
+12. Make some changes and commit.
+13. Run `git push origin master`.
+14. Now, you can clone that repo on other computers that have their key on the git server!

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