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Somdune: HTTP router, load balancer, and magic maker

Somdune is a simple, stable, reliable HTTP proxy or router. When it receives an HTTP query, it uses its plugins to decide where it should go. Once the route is decided, Somdune becomes a truly transparent TCP relay or tunnel to the destination web server.


Somdune builds with Rebar, which is included in the project. Once you have Erlang installed, run:

./rebar compile


Somdune requires one or more plugins to decide on the routing policy. Every incoming request is parsed by Somdune and then passed to the plugin. Plugins can instruct Somdune to do several things:

  • Drop the query completely
  • Return an arbitrary web page (or any other web response)
  • Proxy the request as-is to a different web service (the most common operation)
  • Proxy a modified version of the request to a different web service

Please see the example/ subdirectory for the plugin reference implementation, Webdirs. Webdirs "swallows" various sites (Twitter, the CouchOne home page, and a CouchDB server) inside itself. For example, when you query /twitter/Whatever, you will get a response from; when you query /jhs/_all_dbs, you will hit, etc.