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Generate (GitHub Container Registory) container's status badge


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ghcr-badge: Generate container's status badge

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PyPI version status Maintainability Release Package




Deploying on Deta Space

Available paths

Common parameters

label parameter

  • label=hello: label=hello

ignore parameter

Use the ignore parameter to filter returned tags, supports pattern matching and a comma separated list.

  • ignore=latest ignores the latest tag (default).
  • ignore=sha256* ignores all tags prefixed with sha256.
  • ignore=v0.0.1,latest,sha256* ignores the latest and v0.0.1 tags, and all tags prefixed with sha256*.

trim parameter

  • trim=patch trims ^v?\d+\.\d+\.\d+[^.]*$ tags.
  • trim=major trims ^v?\d+\.\d+[^.]*$ tags.

color parameter

Available color names and hex codes are listed on here.


Generated badge will be cached for 3666 seconds in GitHub's Camo server. To update immediately, send PURGE request to the badge Camo link.

curl -X PURGE ""


  1. Install poetry
  2. Run poetry install && poetry shell && pre-commit install
  3. Launch live server with task dev