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Shape Your Music

A geometric sequencer.





Shape Your Music is a musical geoboard that explores a new way of composing and performing music using geometry.

It allows you to create melodic loops by drawing shapes. When a shape plays, a node traverses the perimeter of the shape at a constant speed, sounding a note at each vertex. Thus each edge represents a note. The first note of a shape is determined by the shape's y position on the plane. The note for each subsequent edge is determined by the angle between that edge and the previous edge. This angle determines the musical interval between the two notes(edges). For example: A sharp right turn means that the next note is much higher than the previous, while a shallow left turn means that the next note is a little lower. When the last point is reached, the loop starts again.

Using this app, one can:

  • Draw multiple shapes to generate unique polyrhythms
  • Move shapes up or down to transpose them within the scale, or side to side to move them in stereo space
  • Manipulate shapes in real time to improvise and perform
  • Change and adjust the sound that each color produces
  • Experiment with different musical modes, keys, and tempos
  • Use grid and syncing options to create defined rhythms and loops
  • Record and export your project as an audio file (export to MIDI coming soon)

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This is the third iteration of this project. The original, was written in vanilla JS/jQuery!

User Manual

Toolbar Toolbar

The toolbar allows you to adjust various aspects of your project.


Name Description
Play/Stop Pressing play starts all shapes at their origin point. A shape plays in the order that it was drawn.
Record Pressing record allows you to download your project as an audio file (.wav). If playback is stopped when you click record, recording will begin when you begin playback. If the project is playing when you click record, the recording will start instantly. Pressing stop or record again will end the recording and show a window where you can listen and download the file that was generated.


Name Description
Color Select the color of the shapes you are drawing. Different colored shapes produce different sounds.
Draw Draw mode allows you to create shapes. Click to place vertices. Click on the origin point to complete a shape. Right click to cancel.
Edit   Edit mode allows you to adjust your shapes. Drag vertices to edit the perimeter of your shape. Drag the whole shape to move it. Click on a shape to show more detailed options (see shape controls).


Name Description
Grid When selected, the grid is shown
Snap To Grid When selected, all points will snap to the grid when drawn, or when shapes are moved
Sync When selected, shapes will snap and lock to the same length - so that they will loop at the same time. Shapes can be “halved’ or “doubled” so that they loop half or twice as often. This allows for a defined rhythm.
Fullscreen Toggle Fullscreen
Clear Delete all shapes


Name Description
Tempo Change the speed of playback
Key Select the root note
Scale Select the musical scale (mode)


This project was created using create-react-app. It uses:

To Run

Clone this repo and run yarn and then yarn start.

To Test

Run yarn test.