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My personal-layer based Spacemacs configuration.

I focus on customizing Emacs’s display in unique ways.


See display layer for screenshots.

See config layer for keybindings.

Typical emacs package configurations.
Houses my pretty packages and display updates.
Language configuration.
General purpose macros, base layer for all others.
Personal packages that aren’t display related.

See Migrating to Spacemacs Layers to understand this configuration in better depth.


pretty-fonts, providing programming ligatures, requires Fira Code Symbol (download link) font installed. It just uses Fira’s ligatures, any font can be used in tandem. Failure to install the ligatures or disable pretty-fonts will yield strange unicode characters all-over.

In the layers/display/packages.el, I make heavy use of all-the-icons. If you use those packages and keep the icons, make to install it.

Select the font of your choice dotspacemacs-default-font in init.el. My font, operator mono, is a paid one.

Theme updates are in layers/display/config.el. Cycle themes with SPC T n. I support Zenburn and Solarized-light atm.

To install clone to your home directory. Set ERIC-ONLY? at the top of init.el to nil (see spacemacs issue 4979).