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Merge pull request #2434 from ekylibre/debug/nomenclature_translation…


Update translation nomenclatures.yml
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Aquaj committed Mar 8, 2019
2 parents f4f2e3a + 2cd5271 commit ae2c3d2dea46e8f17465b734b234e722fa1d466b
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  1. +1 −1 config/locales/fra/nomenclatures.yml
@@ -3737,7 +3737,7 @@ fra:
insurance: "Assurance"
internet_line_subscription: "Abonnement Internet"
intership: "Stagiaire"
ip_address_subscription: "Acchat d’adresse IP"
ip_address_subscription: "Achat d’adresse IP"
irrigation_pivot: "Pivot d'irrigation"
irrigation_water: "Eau (irrigation)"
jemstegaard_hazelnut: "Noisette Jemstegaard"

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