@electron-bot electron-bot released this May 26, 2017 · 4667 commits to master since this release

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where sandboxed renderer processes would throw remote errors
    when reloaded. #9389
  • Fixed a crash when opening a window from a <webview> tag that was using
    the nativeWindowOpen option. #9568
  • The built-in PDF viewer plugin is now disabled if the plugins option
    is disabled on the BrowserWindow. #9507
  • Backported a Chrome fix where inputting accented letters in <webview> tags
    would result in double letters. #9508
  • Backported a Chrome fix where the dev tools would not work correctly
    in certain locales. #9551
  • Backported a Chrome fix where the work area on Windows would not update
    or emit change events when the taskbar was moved. #9551
  • Backported a Chrome fix where SVG images would not render correctly in
    certain locales. #9551
  • Backported a Chrome fix where pressing backspace would not delete the last
    character in an input field using certain keyboard layouts. #9557
  • Backported a Chrome fix where pinch zooming in a <webview> tag would
    incorrectly zoom the BrowserWindow. #9592

API Changes

  • Added support for debugging the main process using --inspect and
    --inspect-brk and connecting via the chrome://inspect page in Chrome. #9473
  • Added support for specifying a deviceName to webContents.print. #8596
  • Added a webContents.getPrinters() API to get a list of the available
    printers. #8596
  • shell.moveItemToTrash now supports the gio trash implementation on Linux.
  • The <webview> tag can now be enabled in windows that have nodeIntegration
    disabled. This is configurable via the new webviewTag option to the
    BrowserWindow constructor. It defaults to the value of the nodeIntegration
    option if unspecified. See the webview/security docs for more information.
  • Added a clipboard.writeBuffer(format, buffer) API to write a raw buffer to
    the clipboard as a custom format. #9243
  • Added a new app.getAppMetrics() API that returns the memory and CPU
    usage information for all processes. This replaces the
    app.getAppMemoryInfo() API which is now deprecated. #9486