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A WordPress plugin for static site generation and deployment.

Latest: WP2Static joins Strattic, the leading WordPress to headless and static site end-to-end publishing platform!

Strattic is generously keeping the WP2Static plugin available and maintained for open source users!

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WP2Static includes various types of code quality and functionality tests.

Tests are defined as Composer scripts within the composer.json file.

composer run-script test will run the main linting, static analysis and unit tests. It will not run code coverage by default. To run code coverage, use composer run-script coverage, this will require XDebug installed.

composer run-script test-integration will run end to end tests. This requires that you have the nix-shell command available from NixOS. More info on the intgration tests can be found in the README within the integration-tests directory.

You can run individual test stages by specifying any of the defined scripts within composer.json with a command like composer run-script phpunit. You can pass arguments, such as to skip slow external request making phpunit tests, run composer run-script phpunit -- --exclude-group ExternalRequests.

Continuous Integration is provided by GitHub Actions, which run code quality, unit and end to end tests.