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@xiaq xiaq released this 23 Sep 00:22
· 4213 commits to master since this release

As always, binaries are found on

Breaking changes

  • The use builtin now looks for modules under ~/.elvish/lib instead of ~/.elvish.
  • In navigation mode (^N) and history listing mode (^R), Enter now inserts the selected item and exit the mode. To insert without exiting, use Alt-Enter (#306).

Notable enhancements

(Experimental features will change before 1.0. All other features might change before 1.0.)

  • An experimental -ifaddr builtin outputs the IP addresses of this host, along with the network prefix length.
  • Two new builtins, {has,search}-external have been added. The former is a predicate and the latter outputs the searching result and errors when the external cannot be found.
  • The le:styled builtin now accepts textual styles like green and bg-red (#301). For instance, this writes haha with green font and red background: echo (le:styled haha 'green;bg-red').
  • History listing can be filtered case-insensitively by pressing ^G.
  • Exception backtrack has been improved. When multiple commands in a pipeline throw exceptions, the backtrack is shown as a tree. Try fn f { fail f }; f | f.
  • Character sets, ranges and classes are now supported in wildcards (#298).
  • A new spacey syntax for assignments has been introduced (#294).
  • Tab-completion now works for redirs (try ls > and Tab) and some indices (try echo $le:bindg[ and Tab).