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Elvish: Expressive Programming Language + Versatile Interactive Shell

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Elvish is an expressive programming language and a versatile interactive shell, combined into one seamless package. It runs on Linux, BSDs, macOS and Windows.

Despite its pre-1.0 status, it is already suitable for most daily interactive use.

Visit the official website for prebuilt binaries, blog posts, documentation and other resources.

User groups (all connected thanks to Matrix): Gitter Telegram Group #elvish on freenode

Building Elvish

Most users do not need to build Elvish from source. Prebuilt binaries for the latest commit are provided for Linux amd64, macOS amd64, Windows amd64, and many other platforms.

To build Elvish from source, you need

  • A supported OS: Linux, {Free,Net,Open}BSD, macOS, or Windows.

    NOTE: Windows support is experimental, and only Windows 10 is supported.

  • Go >= 1.15.

To build Elvish from source, follow these steps:

# 1. Start from any directory you want to store Elvish's source code
# 2. Clone the Git repository
git clone
# 3. Change into the repository
cd elvish
# 4. Build and install Elvish
make get

This will install Elvish to ~/go/bin; you might want to add it to your PATH.

To install it elsewhere, override GOBIN in the make command:

make get GOBIN=$PWD # Install to the repo root (use $pwd if running in Elvish)
make get GOBIN=/usr/local/bin # Install to /usr/local/bin

Note that GOBIN must be an absolute path.

Packaging Elvish

See for notes for packagers.

Contributing to Elvish

See for notes for contributors.