Simple GUI for Bup, a very efficient backup system.
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Simple GUI for Bup, a very efficient backup system.

Main window


I personaly use it to backup my files to a hard disk drive plugged into my ISP box (it's a Livebox).


  • Multiple directories support
  • Backup, with a nice progressbar
  • Show current backups in your favorite file manager
  • Backups on local filesystem or over Samba, SSH and Google Drive
  • Backup scheduling (using systemd or anacron)
  • Exclude paths/patterns
  • Restore backups


How to use

Requires Python 2, GTK 3 and Bup. Tested on Archlinux and elementary OS (so it should run on Ubuntu and Debian).


When installed, you can start Bups by running bups. A launcher will also be added to your desktop's app menu.


You can edit config with the GUI. You can also manually edit ~/.config/bups/config.json.


The project is on Transifex:

You can also email me .po files if you don't want to register on Transifex. Download the source and run tools/ to generate lang/messages.pot.