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dmenu interface for getting OATH codes from a YubiKey

This program lets you pick an OATH credential from your YubiKey using dmenu, and copies the corresponding OTP to the clipboard. Alternatively, it can "type" the OTP using xdotool on X11 or wtype on Wayland.

Notable features:

  • Pick between all credentials on all connected YubiKeys
  • No mouse interaction required


Invoke with --help to see the command line options.

$ yubikey-oath-dmenu --help

Recommended usage is to map your preferred command line to a shortcut in your window manager or desktop environment. For example, you could bind it to Super+o and Super+Shift+o in i3wm like this:

# Grab OTPs from ykman oath
bindsym $mod+o exec yubikey-oath-dmenu --notify --clipboard
bindsym $mod+Shift+o exec yubikey-oath-dmenu --notify --type

Example invocations:

  • Copy OTP to primary clipboard, no notifications

    yubikey-oath-dmenu --clipboard
  • Use notifications for feedback and type the OTP into the focused window:

    yubikey-oath-dmenu --notify --type
  • Copy the OTP to clipboard, type it and print it on standard output:

    yubikey-oath-dmenu --clipboard --type --stdout
  • Customize xclip options:

    yubikey-oath-dmenu --clipboard-cmd "xclip -selection clipboard"
  • Customize wl-copy options:

    yubikey-oath-dmenu --clipboard-cmd "wl-copy --paste-once"
  • Customize dmenu options:

    yubikey-oath-dmenu --menu-cmd 'dmenu -p "Credential to copy:"'


Optional dependencies:

  • libnotify: For the --notify option, which uses notify-send
  • pinentry: To prompt for the YubiKey OATH password when needed
  • xdotool: For the --type option under X11
  • wtype: For the --type option under Wayland (xdotool might also work)
  • A clipboard tool: For the --clipboard option, for example xclip or wl-clipboard


  • Arch Linux: AUR package

  • Others: Place with executable mode somewhere on your $PATH. /usr/local/bin/ probably works, for example. The included Makefile provides targets for this:

    # make install
    install -D -m755 "" "/usr/local/bin/yubikey-oath-dmenu"
    # make uninstall
    rm "/usr/local/bin/yubikey-oath-dmenu"

    Both targets respect the standard DESTDIR and PREFIX variables:

    $ make DESTDIR=/tmp/yubikey-oath-dmenu PREFIX=/usr install
    install -D -m755 "" "/tmp/yubikey-oath-dmenu/usr/bin/yubikey-oath-dmenu"


Big thanks to our contributors: