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 * Fix some unicode characters being converted to wrong keysyms (such as γ and other greek characters)
 * Drop reallocarray (for musl builds)
 * Do not parse the - stdin placeholder if it appears after --
 * Document stdin input
 * Add the -d switch to specify a delay between keystrokes

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xdotool type for wayland

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meson build
ninja -C build
sudo ninja -C build install


# Type unicode characters
wtype ∇⋅∇ψ = ρ

To press/release modifiers, -M/-m can be used respectively.

# Press Ctrl+C
wtype -M ctrl c -m ctrl

To alter delay between keystrokes, -d.

# delay of 0 when typing "foo", 120ms on "bar"
wtype foo -d 120 bar

# also applied on stdin
echo everything | wtype -d 12 -

To press/release a named key (as given by xkb_keysym_get_name), -P/-p can be used.

# Press and release the Left key
wtype -P left -p left

Note that when wtype terminates, all the pressed keys/modifiers get released, as the compositor destroys the associated virtual keyboard object. To help performing a more complicated sequence of key presses, -s can be used to insert delays into the stream of key events.

# Hold the Right key for 1000ms
wtype -P right -s 1000 -p right